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Here is a listing of CMH's satellite airports.

OSU - Ohio State University Airport

The OSU airport (telephony "State") is located on the northwest side of Columbus near the intersection of Sawmill Rd. and West Case Rd., just east of the Scioto River.  It is home to several corporate aircraft, as well as The Ohio State University Aviation Department.  OSU is served by an air traffic control tower between 7am and 11pm daily.
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LCK - Rickenbacker International Airport

Rickenbacker (telephony "Rick") is located on the southeast side of Columbus about 11 miles south of CMH.  The center of the airport sits at the southern-most end of Alum Creek Dr.  Rickenbacker is the primary air cargo facility in Columbus.  Major cargo operators out of Rickenbacker include Airnet, Evergreen International, Federal Express, Kalitta Air, and United Parcel Service.  Rickenbacker airport also has its own terminal building, which is served by Myrtle Beach Direct Air (operated by JetBlue Airways) and occasional charters.    Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base is also located centrally at Rickenbacker and is home to the 121st Air Refueling Wing.  Airnet Systems Inc (aka "Star Check") is hubbed out of LCK and is probably the most frequent user of the airport.  LCK air traffic control tower is open 24 hours daily.
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TZR - Bolton Field

Bolton Field is located on the southwest side of Columbus near the intersection of Norton Rd. and Alkire Rd. outside of the I-270 outer belt.  Bolton is home to several general aviation tenants and charter operator CMH Aviation.  Bolton is served by an air traffic control tower from 7:30am to 7:30pm daily.
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LHQ - Fairfield County/Lancaster

The Fairfield County Airport is 3 miles northwest of Lancaster, Ohio between US 33 and Election House Rd.  We have a remote frequency at this airport - 121.65.  The Lancaster (locally pronounced "lain-c'ster") airport is used frequently for practice approaches.
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VTA - Licking County/Newark-Heath

The Newark-Heath Airport is located 3 miles soutwest of Newark (locally pronounced "nerk"), Ohio northwest of the intersection of State Road 79 and Irving Wick Dr.  We have a remote frequency on the ground here on 124.85.  Like Lancaster, the Newark-Heath airport is used often for practice approaches.
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4I3 - Knox County/Mount Vernon

Located about 4 miles southwest of Mount Vernon, Ohio just west of State Road 661 is the Knox County Airport.  This is the highest airport in our airspace with a field elevation of 1192 ft. MSL.  We have a remote frequency on the ground at Mount Vernon on 119.45.
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DLZ - Delaware County/Delaware

The Delaware Airport is 3 miles southwest of Delaware, Ohio at the northeast corner of Airport Rd. and S. Section Line Rd.
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MRT - Union County/Marysville

The Union County Airport is located 1 mile southeast of Marysville, Ohio along the west side of Columbus Ave/Industrial Parkway.  It is visible from US 33 on the left side as you drive northbound.
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I23 - Fayette County/Washington Court House

The Fayette County Airport is located 2 miles northeast of Washington Court House, Ohio on the east side of State Road 38.  This airport sits on our southwestern border with Dayton Approach.
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CYO - Pickaway County/Circleville

Pickaway County Memorial Airport is located 5 miles south of Circleville, Ohio just west of US 23.  This is the location of our south VOR - Yellow Bud/XUB.
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RZT - Ross County/Chillicothe

Ross County Airport is located 6 miles northwest of Chillicothe, Ohio near the intersection of County Road 111 and State Road 104.  It is our southern-most airport.
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750A - Darby Dan Airport/Galloway

The Darby Dan Airport is located about 10 miles southwest of Columbus.  It is at the southeast corner of Darby Creek Dr. and West Broad St.
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04I - Columbus Southwest Airport

Columbus Southwest is a grass strip located near the intersection of Alton Rd.and Oharra Rd. about 11 miles southwest of Columbus.  Usage is very infrequent.
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6G4 - Wynkoop Airport (Mount Vernon)

Wynkoop is located 2 miles south of Mount Vernon, Ohio alongside the western part of State Road 661/Granville Rd.  This airport has two intersecting grass-type runways.
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7B4 - Miller Farm Landing Strip (Baltimore, OH)

Miller is located at the corner of Stemen Rd. and Cherry Ln. west of the town of Millersport.
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03I - Clarks Dream Strip Airport (Circleville, OH)

Located along Circleville-Florence Chapel Rd. 4 miles west of the town of Circleville.
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5E9 - Packer Airport (Radnor, OH)

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I86 - Perry County Airport/New Lexington

The Perry County Airport is located about 2 miles south of New Lexington, Ohio off of Airport Road.  This airport is on our southeastern border with Indianapolis Center.
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Private Airports In CMH Airspace

90A5 - Hebron/Buckeye Executive Airport OH44 - Grover Airport (Alum Creek Lake) OH71 - Chapman Memorial Field Airport (Centerburg)
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Medical Heliports

Medflight Of Ohio Website

2OI6 - Park Medical Center
OH54 - University Med Center
OI61 - Mount Carmel West
OI95 - Children's Hospital
28OI - Mount Carmel East
9OI9 - Riverside Hospital
Grant Hospital

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DAY - Dayton International Airport

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
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FFO - Wright-Patterson AFB

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
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SGH - Springfield-Beckley Municipal

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
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ILN - Wilmington Air Park

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
ILN links:
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AXV - Neil Armstrong Airport

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
AXV links:
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CEV - Mettle Field Connersville Airport

This section will be filled with airport specific information.
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